Emma Malfroy



Emma originally studied fine art , followed by some years later, an MA in Children’s Book Illustration. Current practice concentrates on painting, collage and printmaking. Emma’s work is often rooted in a narrative of some sort: stories told and untold,
in order to convey mood and a sense of place. Her collages are made from hand painted papers, layered onto a painted background, using mediums such as acrylics, inks and wax resist. Often, discarded prints and paintings will find their way into the images, as collage papers, so nothing is wasted. Hand making and layering collage papers, allows her the freedom to explore the abstract concepts of colour and mark making. When cutting and layering images from these papers, design becomes playful and presents unexpected results from the juxtaposition between a graphic, cut shape and the abstract patterns that emerge from layers of paint . Influences such as the natural world, patterns, books, films, favourite places and beautiful objects, all feed into her work.