Emily Bell



Emily has a background in fine art photography and wanted to translate her passion for the miniature within nature into 3D wearable pieces. She works primarily with Polymer clay as it is a versatile medium perfect to create detail, texture and colour all of which are essential elements of her work.

Inspired by the world around her, her work takes two main forms. The first being abstract sculptural interpretations of miniature landscapes. These focus on the growth of moss, lichen, fungi, barnacles and coral on rock. The work has fine detail and is very tactile, in some cases bright with colour. The second form takes a more contemporary minimal design. She takes inspiration from the oddities in everyday found objects from a two-tone buoy at the coast, lines and marks on stone or nature’s forms, patterns, colours and natural geometric shapes. Her interest for detail is carried over to this collection but this time with simple mark making, form and colour combining. This is an ongoing body of work that she finds exciting and rewarding to keep developing and adding to due to the nature of the inspiration. She also combines sterling silver, which she sometimes oxidizes, throughout for her unique ear wire designs.