David Farrer



I studied a fine art degree in Sunderland and The Hague, majoring in printmaking & graduating in 1990. I still draw, if not as much as I’d like to and have a printing press raring to go, when I can find a minute. When the opportunity arises I love wildlife photography. Taking reference images for the next commission, waiting for the perfect shot.

The sculpture has developed enormously since the early days. Being able to travel and share the environment that originally inspired the work has been a huge privilege. To find it has the magical ability every visit is a jumbo-sized bonus.

The abiding memory regarding sculpting animal form is that there is no substitute for being there first-hand for complete sensory immersion. Every time I visit Africa I leave a little bit of my dreaming self behind in the red dusty landscape. The experience of communing with animals we endeavour to replicate (within their ecosystem) is a revelation. Realizing that they are ecosystems in their own right with a trail of bugs, birds and beasties in tow. The smells and sounds are like a micro-town square on a busy market day. These are the essential references a dusty old encyclopedia & Walt Disney find impossible to convey!