Clive Meredith



Clive has worked as an artist since 1993. Born the son of a dairy farmer, a love of the outdoors and nature has been a constant since childhood. Clive taught himself to draw and paint always leaning towards the natural world for subject matter. After working in a traditional representational style for many years including a collaboration with a major art publisher for 20 years a chance encounter led him to develop his current style of works.

In 2017 Clive was introduced to a master goldsmith working for the Thai royal household in Bangkok and learnt the basics of working with gold leaf. Inspired by this encounter and back in the UK he developed his own unique approach to incorporating precious metal leaf into his depictions of wildlife. The use of gold leaf opened up endless new possibilities to fuse a traditional representational style with a decorative art approach and after much experimentation his current ‘style’ emerged.

Now every form of wildlife from magnificent birds of prey to the humble Bumblebee and its colourful surroundings can be transformed into stunning, unique works of art that bring the beauty of the natural world into the home. The popularity of his paintings ensures his works are in constant demand from buyers and galleries alike. Clive’s works have been published as many limited edition prints over the years and originals have been extensively exhibited including at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea.