Catherine Macleod



Catherine Macleod first used clay on her Art Foundation. She went on to study 3D design at Brighton Polytechnic, but left the course after the first year. Five years later she returned to a part-time ceramics course, realising that it truly was her calling. From there, Catherine went on to complete a degree in ceramics at Camberwell College of Art. It was during her time at Camberwell that Catherine began to focus on the figure in her work, inspired by her interest in human anatomy.

Catherine’s highly textural figures are hand-built out of crank clay and fired high to a stoneware temperature, with a sparkly lithium glaze over the surface. The sculptures vary in size, from small shelf sitters to larger standing figures. They have exaggerated proportions; playfully large feet (often with decorated soles) and elongated legs blend up into smaller torsos. This gives each a feeling both of elegance and of power. Catherine’s work is often themed around the idea of journey; the large feet have a certain significance, as do the searchers who use their binoculars to look out into the world.

Catherine currently works from her studio in South London. After working as an art teacher for fifteen years, she has finally embraced being an artist full time. She is exhibited UK-wide.