Caroline Lukehurst

Craft Artist


Glassmaker Caroline Lukehurst studied 3D Design (Craft) at Warwickshire College School of Art. She works from her studio in Royal Leamington Spa, creating kiln fired glass dishes individually made and created to explore colour and light.
Her passion for glass developed after trips to Murano and Venice to to observe traditional glass making techniques.
Since training in glass making Caroline has experimented with her own processes and now combine traditional kiln working with the modern art of digital photography. This allows her to work closely clients to make bespoke work often using clients’ own photographs.
She loves the architectural nature of both the urban and natural environment and she likes to use her own images of winter trees and iconic buildings within layers of glass. She particularly intrigued by the relationship between humans and the environment that they create and seek new perspectives on familiar places. Taking time to view the world from different perspectives is something that constantly intrigues her and offers endless creative opportunities.
Caroline layers a complex combination of glass rods, sheet, silver foils and frits with a deft touch. Caroline says “Layers of colour represent the interplay of light, on and around us, and the intensity of our emotions.”
Her work has been exhibited in London, Birmingham, Harrogate and the United States, and she has also created bespoke collections for clients as far away as Hong Kong and Singapore.
In 2012 Caroline was commissioned to make a bespoke collection for the British Museum, London.