Beth Lievesley



Beth Lievesley has always had a love of history and collage art which was amplified when she moved to Cambridge as a student nurse in 1994 and enjoyed living in a city full of beautiful architecture and amazing history.
Throughout her time as a nurse and them becoming a mum to 2 boys, Beth Lievesley has developed her collage art to specialise in buildings and for the past 7 years has had a continual demand for commissions.
Beth now works full time as a collage artist and spends her time in her studio researching, collecting, cutting and glueing a variety of paper ephemera to create intricately detailed one off pictures.
By incorporating the vintage papers, song sheets, maps, stamps and texts she has collected, Beth then creates a multi-layered surface within which historical facts and unique information relevant to the scene are incorporated.
On first glance the completed pictures look like attractive images and it is only on closer inspection the contents of the collage are fully discovered.
Beth particularly enjoys unearthing stories that are really unique to the subject that can evoke a personal connection and enjoys the challenge of finding ways to collage it into the pictures, making it a truly one off piece of artwork.
Beth Lievesey joined independent contemporary art gallery Byard Art Cambridge in 2015.