Antonella Giomarelli



“Wherever I find myself, I find myself drawn to the details, where the contrast of surface and light combine to attract the eye. Sensitivity and patience lose me from the present for fleeting moments: pavement or beach, town or woodland, searching for the perfect combination of texture and reflection. Samples are hoarded to admire: plastic, paper, string, shell. All the while the romantic narrative is forming, bringing life and meaning to these objects for me. I ponder on them, cherish them, and create jewellery to satisfy the feelings of harmony that they first inspired when my eye was caught. And then…a story with no beginning and no end is written through a collection of wearable treasures.”

Drawn to the small details and textures of overlooked or discarded objects within the natural and manmade world, Antonella Giomarelli looks for the presence of beauty in even the most unremarkable of places. In translating this inspiration into precious metals she brings a romantic story that calls us to look again, to take our time and allow what may have been invisible to us to then become an object of intrigue. In limited edition collections in silver and gold with striking contrasts of precious metal colours and finishes, her jewellery shows a thoughtful balance of bold quietness and confident mindfulness. Antonella works from her studio on the edge of the Calderdale moorlands in West Yorkshire. Now in her 15th year as a jeweller she has sold and exhibited her work internationally.