Anne Gournay



After having practised art in parallel with her marketing career, Anne decided to fully dedicate herself to art in 2003. She retrained and specialised in painting at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris-Glacière. She discovered printmaking at Central Saint Martins, and decided to refocus her work on this highly demanding and technical medium.

“I am drawn to highly contrasted and textured images, and look for structure and patterns in the world around me. I work from my photographs, using my camera and my imagination as a sketchbook. I have a precise idea in my mind of what I’m aiming for, and use various printmaking techniques, sometimes combining them, to achieve the desired result. My training at Central St Martin has enabled me to learn how to use softwares like photoshop, which open a lot of possibilities for a printmaker. I really enjoy combining various techniques, trying out new ones, but also mixing a traditional and a more ‘high tech’ approach to image making.”

Anne’s work is frequently inspired by nature- in an attempt, she feels, to reconnect our modern selves with our roots. Her close-up screen prints of flowers are a long-running series, begun just after her father passed away in 2016. The series is a reminder of the joy to be found in life, as well as a nod to it’s ephemeral quality.

Ann lives and works in North-West London.  In 2016, she set up ContemporArti, an artist-run gallery with a strong focus on Limited Edition. Her work is in private collections worldwide, and is part of the V&A collection fund, and the Scarborough Museum trust.