Angela Mellor



Angela Mellor’s work investigates the translucency of bone china paperclay and its potential for the transmission of light. She is particularly interested in the effects of light on the landscape, especially in coastal areas where the infinite variety of organic contours, tonal contrasts, and patterns provide a continuing source of inspiration. She seeks to re-interpret her visceral response to these natural phenomena through the medium of bone china paperclay.

Mellor’s most recent sculptural works seek to suggest movement of tidal currents against the shoreline and the corresponding interplay of light and shade. Following a hand building process that pushes the medium of paperclay to its limits, each individual form comes to fruition during the final firing process.

‘Breaking Waves’ is a new departure from her earlier work and the title relates not only to the dramatic movement of breaking waves frozen in time, but also to the breaking of new ground. They form part of an on-going process of research and development in the use of bone china paperclay she initially pioneered twenty years ago.