Amanda Cobbett



Amanda Cobbett is an award-winning textile artist with over 25 years’ experience. Inspired by nature, and in particular her surroundings in the Surrey Hills, Amanda’s fungi, moss, lichen and bark embroideries are astonishingly realistic textile copies of the flora found in the hidden understorey of the forest. Amanda walks daily with her dog and has honed an instinctive ability to find fungi in the most unexpected places.
She photographs them in situ and collects pieces of lichen and moss-laden twigs to take back to the studio. Using a domestic sewing machine and a mix of colourful threads, Amanda ‘draws’ with the needle into dissolvable fabric, building up layers to create a new fabric that she moulds into textile copies of the natural world. Possessing a natural ability to visualise in 3D, she enjoys the challenge of turning 2 dimensional materials into 3-dimensional objects. Machining approximately 130,000 individual stitches a day, her creations are not only a textile tour de force but are educational, highlighting the beauty and diversity that exists in the undergrowth. Amanda studied textile design at the Chelsea College of Art (UAL) and went on to be a design professional for 25 years, during which time she perfected an eye for detail, colour and composition. She then took the plunge to become self-employed and established her business, Embroidered Nature, in 2012. Amanda exhibits her work at exhibitions and art galleries around the UK and overseas and has collectors of her work worldwide. In May 2019 she exhibited her work, for the first time, at the Chelsea Flower Show where she received the much coveted 5-Star award for her stand.