Alison Stockmarr



Alison Stockmarr’s work has an ethos of storytelling and repurposing at its heart. All materials are recycled into scenarios that at first glance allude to the past, but with closer inspection often offer an ironic nod to the present. Apertures are cut into books and record covers and ephemera collaged in layers. These assemblages of everyday archaeologies afford the viewer glimpses of invented stories and alternative narratives.

As a materials-led artist and maker, the original book and record titles are her starting point. Currently her work falls into four distinct categories: Face Books, a witty take on social media; Picture Books, beautifully illustrated book art; Collaged Record Covers, collaged vinyls; and her black and white Alphabetical Encyclopaedias, each open at a pertinent subject and collaged accordingly. All are made from original paper ephemera and each piece carries with it her signature, playful, embellishments.

Over the last 9 years she has created a library of collaged works, exhibiting in group and solo shows in galleries throughout the UK and abroad.