Alex Prunés



Àlex Prunés was born in Barcelona in 1974. He graduated from the University of Barcelona with honours; his focus was on fine art painting. He then later completed his masters also at the University of Barcelona this time with the key focus on realism and the environment. Since this Àlex has been painting stunning realistic city and landscapes with a little touch of the strange and trance like state, capturing the viewer and creating fantastic narratives that blend reality and the imagined.

Àlex has exhibited internationally with many solo shows throughout Europe, as well as acquiring many awards and fellowships since 1995. Àlex describes his own creations as “the landscape as a mental construction and moving, in the pursuit of creating poetic images with the viewer to identify with the feelings and impulses that led me to the execution. Human elements and natural elements, sky spaces, represented generally by crepuscular light. Imaginary scenes without a surreal character, but nevertheless could not be seen in reality; they arise from a symbiosis between the outer world and inner world.”