Alex McIntyre



Alex makes abstract landscapes using light fast acrylic ink and gesso on birch or marine ply. Her work is inspired by walking and running which enables the close, embodied observation of changes of light, land and sky connected with breath and movement. Whilst making in the studio she tries to re-capture an impression of a particular journey. The creative process then parallels the original journey resulting in a series of visual discoveries led by interactions with materials.  The completed works are a conversation between the pictorial surface, materials and the memory of movement and places. Recurring themes include explorations of space, light, movement and stillness, noise and silence.

During her early career, Alex produced sculpture using fabric, clay and later, modeled and carved plaster. The process of making was physical and closely linked with aspects of drawing, each mark contributing to the sum impression of a piece.
Initially fascinated by human interaction, and by our physical and embodied existence in the world, early works focused on the human figure. After moving to Hertfordshire from London in 2014, the figure danced out of her work. No longer
surrounded by crowds and people, her subject emphasis shifted focus to express instead her love of sky, land, weather and movement. For the viewer, the works often provide space to breathe.