Agneta Bugyte



Agneta studied first in art school in Lithuania. Her skills in jewellery design come from her studies at the Lithuania National Arts Academy where she received a professional degree in Jewellery in 2012.  She now has her own studio and fully equipped workshop in Brightwalton, in Berkshire, UK.

Finishing on an oxidised surface makes her work unique. She creates a glossy, shiny or smoky finish: it produces pleasing contrasts.  Her work is detailed –she likes the microscopic view rather than the panoramic.  Although smooth and beautifully finished, the pieces speak of the natural textures wrought by earth and fire, of lava and glass-smooth molten flows of metal.  Raw nature and the silence of the vastness provide me with inspiration. In her UK workshop, those great wildernesses are condensed, recreated and wrought into unique jewels of exquisite beauty.