A. Glasby



Andrew was born in Ashford, Middlesex and was educated at the Duke of York’s Royal Military Boarding School. He was always greatly enthusiastic about his late father, Alan’s work, and fascinated by the patination that he created. At the beginning of 2007, discussion about Alan teaching Andrew this skill and helping with the business began. This lead to an apprenticeship, through which Andrew’s love of the art began to grow. When Alan passed in 2008 Andrew quickly made the decision to continue to produce and patinate Alan’s work. Like Alan, Andrew is completely self taught and is highly motivated. A conversation with him about sculpture is a fascinating and exciting one as he exudes the love for his new works. His philosophy is simple;

‘When I see something of natural power, beauty and grace it provokes a strong emotion in me. If I can provoke the same emotion from people when they see my work then I have achieved my goal.’ Andrew lives in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, with his wife and two sons.